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ClinLegal is Australia’s first and only online provider of end-to-end workplace compliance packages and legal solutions for healthcare professionals.

Our team of legal and HR specialists will empower you to protect from risk, legal breaches and workplace litigation so you can focus on your business success. We partner with owners of small to medium sized healthcare businesses to provide information on issues such as:

  • overtime
  • termination of employment
  • maternity leave
  • workplace bullying
  • breach of policies including social media and code of conduct
  • key industry decisions

Our resources include:
  • up-to-date staff policies, procedures and contracts
  • industry-specific packages including how-to guides
  • employment contract templates
  • legal case studies and articles
  • compliance regulations
  • staff management forms

Our founding story

Our business was founded by Yasmine Healy in 2011 in response to a single event.  One of her clients, a doctor, was the subject of a vexatious WorkCover and unfair work claim from a junior staff member.

Although the claim was ultimately withdrawn and all legal actions unsuccessful, the impact was devastating, causing untold commercial damage and personal pain to Yasmine’s client.

Around the same time, the national framework for employment law changed, with the focus shifting to protect employees.  This made it even tougher for healthcare professionals to stay on top of these – and other – compliance issues.

ClinLegal was established with a vision to offer unbiased support for healthcare employers.

Since then, we have become the service of choice for professionals trying to navigate the complexities of the workplace environment.


Meet our Managing Director

Yasmine Healy

Yasmine Healy

MANAGING DIRECTOR – Head of Legal Services
LLB/LP BIS MCL Grad Dip App Corp Gov

Yasmine Healy is an experienced lawyer and chartered secretary who is passionate about the healthcare sector.  For the past decade, she has dedicated her career to offering workplace compliance advice to clients in the fields of medicine, dentistry and orthodontics.  She was the first lawyer in Australia to successfully issue a fair work complaint against an employee (it’s normally the other way around).

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For further information on workplace compliance, choose from one of our customised packages or contact info@clinlegal.com.au