test your legal wellbeing
Test your Practice’s Legal Wellbeing in 3 minutes.  Your answers will identify areas of potential risk for your practice.  Enter your email address before you submit to receive more information about your results.  Contact us with any concerns and learn how to ensure your practice complies.

Welcome to your Self Assessment – Legal Wellbeing Quiz

Do you have workers compensation in place?
Do you have written contracts in place for all your staff?
Have you inducted your staff on a written code of conduct policy (for example covering bullying, discrimination, harassment)?
Do you understand applicable Award obligations for overtime?
Do you diarise and review performance of your employees on their anniversary or sooner?
Do you have an updated social media policy in place which covers in and out of work communications?
Do you understand and follow laws for parental leave and breastfeeding at work?
Do you understand and have processes in place to meet employer record keeping obligations?
Do you know how to effect a termination in compliance with the unfair dismissal laws?
Do know the laws surrounding your rights to extend a probationary period?
Have you taken steps to ensure you comply with the legal changes to casual employees as of January 2019?
Do you know and follow the legal process for changing an employee’s hours or tasks?
If you would like further info to improve your legal wellbeing, please submit your email.
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