Some commonly asked questions are answered here below. Should you not find the answers you are looking for, or if you have further queries, please contact us at info@clinlegal.com.au.

How to Purchase
How do I purchase a solution from ClinLegal?
1. Simply browse the solutions by profession and add the required solution to your shopping cart. 2. At the checkout, you will set up an account with us, which will give you access to our Member Portal with documentation, updates and downloads. 3. Read the Agreement of Copyright terms and sign in the box provided. 4 Pay with credit card or PayPal. Once you have signed and paid, you will receive a a tax invoice by email and a brief introduction/information sheet. All the documentation, updates and guides are contained within the Member Portal – you must be logged in to view this content.
What if I decide to complete my purchase at a later time?
If you created a user account while on the checkout page, those details will be stored with us, so simply log in and start the purchase process again, or, if you saved your shopping cart, the item will still be available for purchase for a period of time.
How do I download my files?
You will need to login to the Member Portal, which will enable you to view and/or edit documents, then download your files in either Word or pdf format.
How do I use the Member Portal?
You simply log into the member portal using the username and password created when you first sign up. You and your staff can log in, access all the documentation, and easily print/save or edit your practice administration forms. Members click here to read our detailed usage guide.
What if I'm having trouble purchasing?
Contact techsupport@clinlegal.com.au and our team of technicians will help.
General FAQs
How long has ClinLegal been operating?
ClinLegal has been operating since 2011.
What types of businesses or practitioners does ClinLegal work with?
All of ClinLegal’s products are profession specific. ClinLegal primarily works with healthcare Practices throughout Australia, including: Dentists, Orthodontists, Dental Specialists, Medical Practices.
What products does ClinLegal specialise in?
ClinLegal products and services include: Personnel Policy Manuals, Employee Handbooks, Job Descriptions, Hiring Guidelines and Resources, How To Guides, Employment Contracts.
Are your policies, manuals and employment documents compliant throughout Australia?
ClinLegal’s products are designed for Practices throughout Australia that are governed by the National Employment System, so the products generally comply with the rules and regulations pertaining to the National Employment System. You then alter and personalise the documentation to meet the requirements of your Practice. At ClinLegal, we invest time and resources researching and updating the documentation to keep our products current. Our members have full access to the updated materials.
How frequently are materials updated? Do I need to repurchase updated materials or are they included in the package cost?
Our materials are updated on an as-needed basis. Updates are provided via our web based system, which you will be able to access for updating your documents.
Do you provide legal advice?
Where legal advice is warranted, such advice is provided through separate engagement with the lawyers at ClinLegal. This service is not provided with the solutions and is an additional and separate contract.
Once I have placed an order online, how long will it be until I have access to these documents?
After payment and signature, you will be able to access the documents immediately.
Do you offer a personalisation service to your documents or do we need to do that?
All of our documentation comprises templates that you will need to adapt to fit the needs of your Practice. We will be delighted to provide additional personalisation services as a separate service if required. This will incur further costs that are separate to your solution costs.
Are there any “hidden” or “add on charges” for forms and manuals that some other consultants may have?
Not at all! When you place an order for one of our solutions you receive all the materials, support and services that come with that specific solution. We don’t believe in hidden charges or fees for our valued clients. Where a service would compliment the solution that you purchase we will recommend that to you. Any costs associated with any additional services and products will be detailed.
What do I do if a situation arises in regards to my employee?
You will be able to access our How To guides with a Premium level membership. Our ‘How To’ Guides offer a range of practical advice and scenarios to help guide you through any difficult situations that may arise where managing people.