dispute resolution

Workplace disputes can escalate to time consuming and costly court action.  Prevention is the key to reducing this risk.

Our team is specially trained in the art of dispute resolution.  We will advocate for you, engage in positive negotiations and successfully work through disputes over a range of workplace issues.

As part of our dispute resolution service we offer:

  • Mediation: third party involvement at the lightest level can help resolve many disputes. We attend your workplace, meet with the parties separately and together, and facilitate a mutual understanding of the issues. We focus on letting each party drive communication and the resolutions needed to prevent things from escalating into a legal dispute.
  • Concilliation: this is the next step up from mediation but still a great way to avoid legal proceedings. We meet with all parties to offer guidance on how to reach a mutually acceptable resolution. The process is led by the Conciliator and the parties are encouraged toward effective resolution.
  • Arbitration: with the consent of the parties, we objectively hear the facts, consider the arguments and make a binding decision.  Where applicable, the decision is filed with the relevant Court or Commission.  Similar to an informal court environment, the parties list their facts and concerns, and the Arbitrator makes a decision on the outcome which the parties agree to follow.

To find out more about our dispute resolution services, get in touch with us at info@clinlegal.com.au or (03) 8676 0653.